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Animating Library Actions in Animate

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Moho Master Bundle

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Assembling a Moho Animation

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After Effects

Rigging and Animating PSDs with Duik and Joysticks

Rig and animate using After Effects powered with Duik and Joysticks n' Sliders!
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Enhancing Moho Scenes in After Effects

With After Effects, you can add visual flare to animate scenes, even if it was rendered in different software. This course teaches you the basics!
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Puppet Pin Rigging in After Effects

In this course you will learn the process of rigging and animating a character using the Puppet Pin Tool in After Effects.

Adobe Animate

Animating Reusable Library Actions in Adobe Animate

Learn how to build and implement reusable Library Actions, such as walk cycles and one frame poses, in your Adobe Animate cartoons.
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Designing Vector Characters in Adobe Animate

Learn how to use Animate's vector based tools to design, fill and polish your own character while applying proper layer hierarchy.
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Rigging and Animating in Adobe Animate

Rig and animate a character using Animate CC. Parent layers, create templates with symbols and save reusable actions!
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Character Animator

Rigging and Recording in Adobe Character Animator

Learn how to effectively rig and record a puppet inside of Adobe Character Animator! Animate with a webcam, microphone and custom behaviors!
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Moho/Anime Studio

Moho Master Bundle

Over 45 hours of content! Contains all Moho classes on this site! Learn all about Moho design and animation with bonus exercise files!
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Assembling an Animated Moho Production

Learn how to put together a Moho production using 2D rigs, 3D sets, particle effects, audio and much more!
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Building Reusable Character Actions in Moho Pro 13

Create poses, robust animation loops and controls which can be implemented, edited, saved and reused.
View course $19.99

Designing Bitmap Characters in Moho 13

Design raster based characters using Moho 13's new bitmap tools!
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Building 3D Sets in Moho Pro

A step-by-step guide for building 3D sets from scratch using Moho Pro's design and layer tools
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Rigging and Animating PSDs in Moho Pro

With Moho, you can import images or Photoshop Documents, add bones and create detailed rigs for 2D animation. Learn all about the process here!
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Designing Vector Based Characters in Moho Pro

While Moho is known for animation, this course showcases its wide range of design tools for character design.
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Rigging and Animating Vectors in Moho Pro

This Moho Pro course aims to teach the basics of rigging vector characters using a combination of layer and point binding.
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Designing Image Based Backgrounds in Moho Pro

Build up 2D image based backgrounds using Procreate, Photoshop and Moho Pro!
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Drawing Cute Characters in Procreate

Learn how to draw cute animal characters using the iPad Pro's robust Procreate app!
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Designing Animatable PSD Characters in Procreate

Design characters with proper layer hierarchy to animate in Moho, Character Animator, Animate CC and more!
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