Abstract Background Pack by Chad Troftgruben

Abstract Background Pack

38 editable abstract PSD based images in varying themes that can be used in any design or animation project.

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38 Editable PSDs Inspired By Four Themes

Abstract images can be useful for wacky animated scenes, design projects, websites and more! Your purchase grants you access to PSDs, JPEGs, and PNGs of the backgrounds listed here. Some include a .procreate file as an added bonus. Plus each background includes it's layers split into multiple images for further editing outside of Photoshop.

Outer Space

A Man's Sky

Inspired by the sandbox video game space adventure.

Mack Alpha 6

A secret system within a fluffy fold in space.


A space inspired explosion of color and energy.

Golden Nebula

A mysterious nebula full of purple and gold.

Lonely Universe

A cold region of space where little star activity is witnessed.

New Life

From death springs new life, a blast of interstellar energy.

Sun's Surface

The surface of a distant star.

Split Universe

A universe divided against itself cannot stand.

Purple Haze

A thick purple nebula. What could it be hiding?

Cosmic Boom

A clash of chaotic comic energy results in a big boom.

Aqua Nebula

A spacial gas that resembles the bottom of a colorful ocean.

Portals and Vortexes

Time Warp

Not quite a tunnel, but still an effective means of time travel.

Time Tunnel

A time tunnel that connects to another century.

Hippie Warp 5

Another tie died psychedelic warp tunnel.

Hippie Warp 4

A combination of radical shapes and colors.

Hippie Warp 3

A warp tunnel that perhaps leads to the 70's?

Hippie Warp 2

An explosion of tie died colors.

Hippie Warp

A chill breeze of colors. Or perhaps a temporal anomaly?

Explosions and Chaos

Yellow Blast

A yellow blast of energy.


A virus has infected the system! Shut it down!

Purple Explosion

A purple burst of chaotic energy.

Marble Mania

So many marbles! Is it a madness? Or simply mania?

Floral Fantasy

A swirling colorful pattern of flower shapes.

Copper Ricochet

An explosion of browns and yellows.

Candy Craving

I want candy!

Colorful Anomalies


A chaotic collage of pink, red and blue splatters.

Rusted Magic

A colorful pattern rusted over with time.

Candy Carnival

A colorful parade of pastel-like colors.

Sweet Pops

Pop of color and excitement.

Golden Candy

A close up of a lemony hard candy.

Neon Epic

An epic display of neon colors.


The innards of a lovable robot perhaps?

Neon 90

A neon pattern stained with rose colored nostalgia.


A bright green grassy field.

Electric Maze

An electric maze of confusion and beauty.

Pastel Platter

A platter of delightful pastel colors.

Hippie's Floor

A typical floor pattern found in your modern hippie dwellings.

Battle Electric

A clash of colors in an epic struggle.

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What's included?

File Icon 38 files


Outer Space Inspired
Mack Alpha 6.zip
120 MB
A Man's Sky.zip
97.1 MB
189 MB
Golden Nebula.zip
159 MB
Purple Haze.zip
147 MB
Lonely Universe.zip
92.9 MB
Space Boom.zip
140 MB
Aqua Nebula.zip
199 MB
Sun's Surface.zip
27.9 MB
Split Universe.zip
180 MB
Portals and Vortexes
Time Tunnel.zip
26.2 MB
Hippie Warp 4.zip
54.4 MB
Hippie Warp 2.zip
119 MB
Hippie Warp.zip
150 MB
Hippie Warp 3.zip
58.5 MB
Hippie Warp 5.zip
221 MB
Time Warp.zip
129 MB
Abstract Explosions
Yellow Blast.zip
178 MB
Electric Maze.zip
42.5 MB
New Life.zip
85.6 MB
Marble Mania.zip
110 MB
Purple Explosion.zip
119 MB
Floral Fantasy.zip
92.3 MB
Copper Ricochet.zip
104 MB
Candy Craving.zip
123 MB
140 MB
Pastel Platter.zip
150 MB
Other Colorful Creations
Sweet Pops.zip
133 MB
Neon 90.zip
84 MB
Golden Candy.zip
201 MB
Candy Carnival.zip
191 MB
82.3 MB
Rusted Magic.zip
497 MB
36.2 MB
Battle Electric.zip
145 MB
Hippie's Floor.zip
70.4 MB
153 MB
Neon Epic.zip
163 MB