Animal Props Launch Bundle by Chad Troftgruben

Animal Props Launch Bundle

A handful of insects and animals. All files are editable and can be used for multiple purposes.

Multiple File Formats

Each downloadable file comes in a variety of formats, such as .png, .svg and .anme for multiple ways to edit and integrate!

What's included?

Cockroach - Prop - Animal

Ew! What's that?! Oh man! It's a cockroach! Luckily it's fully customizable and free, otherwise we may have a problem here.

Moth - Prop - Animal

An animated editable moth that's ready to annoy any character you throw him at.

Mouse - Prop - Animal

A cute (or gross depending on your view of rodents) mouse ready to do mouse things in your animation! Limbs have been separated into layers for easy editing.

Pigeon - Prop - Animal

An editable pigeon. Ready to fly in the background, be the hero of time, or poop on things.

Spider - Prop - Animal

A gross, editable (and pre-animated) spider ready to ruin anyone's day.

Premium Animation Lessons and Files

Lessons and assets for Moho/Anime Studio Pro, Character Animator, After Effects, Animate and Procreate