Animating Reusable Library Actions in Adobe Animate by Chad Troftgruben

Animating Reusable Library Actions in Adobe Animate

Learn how to build and implement reusable Library Actions, such as walk cycles and one frame poses, in your Adobe Animate cartoons.

Create Body And Facial Poses

Learn how to set up a series of poses for both the body and face which can be invoked at any time.

Create Grounded Looking Actions

In this course you will learn techniques to create actions that look grounded and polished.

Learn to Create Loopable Animations

Create two loopable actions, a walk and run cycle. These actions can then be combined with others to create complex sequences.

Animate with Multiple Symbols

Learn two ways to combine multiple animated symbols. We will be taking advantage of symbol swapping, tweening and the Frame Picker.

What's included?

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What You Will Learn in this Course
3 mins
Prerequisites for this Course
2 mins
Download Exercise Files
2 mins
146 MB
Setting Up Your Workspace
7 mins
Overviewing Our Character Rig
8 mins
Organizing Library Actions
10 mins
Animating a Walk Cycle
Adding Guides and Setting First Contact Pose
20 mins
Posing the Recoil Points
10 mins
Creating the Passing Keys
9 mins
Adding the High Points
6 mins
Adding Remaining Contact Points
4 mins
Polishing and Reorganizing Keys
8 mins
Implementing Tweening for Smoother Animation
4 mins
Testing the Walk Animation Symbol
16 mins
Animating a Run Cycle
Preparing the Run Cycle Symbol
11 mins
Posing the Down Actions
8 mins
Adding First Pass Pose
7 mins
Adding Second Pass Poses
6 mins
Posing the Up Keys
5 mins
Posing Mid Air Keys
5 mins
Finishing with Contact Pose
4 mins
Polishing and Testing Run Animation
14 mins
Setting Up Pose Symbols
Creating Standing Poses
13 mins
Creating Down Poses
11 mins
Creating Up Poses
5 mins
Creating Talk Poses
8 mins
Creating Face Poses
8 mins
Other Tips and Final Thoughts
Animating a Sequence By Swapping Symbols
8 mins
Animating a Sequence with the Frame Picker
10 mins
Final Thoughts
2 mins