All Props, Backgrounds and Effects by Chad Troftgruben

All Props, Backgrounds and Effects

Every prop, background, effect and asset available on

What's included

2x4s - Prop - Household

A pair of 2x4 wood pieces. Suitable for background art or presentations!

9mm Pistol 2 - Prop - Weapons

A second replica of a 9mm pistol. Editable and suitable for any action scene!

9mm Pistol - Prop - Weapons

A replica of a 9mm pistol. Editable and suitable for any action scene!

Alcohol Bottles - Prop - Food and Drink

Five editable alcohol bottles, each representing a different brandname beverage. A bonus shot glass is included so germs aren't spread.

Baby Aspirin - Prop - Drugs

A customizable bottle of Baby Aspirin for the deepest of pains.

Basement - Interior Background

A dark (and possibly smelly) basement where various adventures can occur.

Bong - Prop - Drugs

An editable green bong suitable for a big old bowl of... animation.

Boom Box - Prop - Electronics

It's time to get down! Slap in an 8-track tape and let's do this! Or you can just download this boombox and alter it to...

Brownies - Prop - Food and Drink

An editable pan of ordinary brownies. Want extra-ordinary brownies? Download the Marijuana prop and... well, there you go.

Burger (Half Eaten) - Prop - Food and Drink

A half eaten burger for your munching pleasure. Edit and animate anyway you see fit!

Burrito - Prop - Food and Drink

A tasty, editable burrito. Suitable for any animated hero's tummy.

Camroy - Prop - Vehicles

An editable vehicle that takes influence from a Toyota Camry,

Cash Stack - Prop - Business

A stack of USD bills. Fully customizable!

Cat Food Bowl - Prop - Household

A bowl of food for a cat. Don't like cats (what's wrong with you?) Then edit it for any pet you wish!

Chalices (Gold and Black) - Prop - Household

An editable gold and black chalice come with this purchase.

City Limits - Background

At the limits of the city... things are pushed to... the edge? A simple exterior set with bushes, road and background buildings.

Cockroach - Prop - Animal

Ew! What's that?! Oh man! It's a cockroach! Luckily it's fully customizable and free, otherwise we may have a problem here.

Couch - Prop - Household

An editable couch which can be used for decoration or resting an animated character's butt on.

CRT Monitor with Stand 2 - Prop - Electronics

A second CRT TV with a stand. The screen on this one is not broken.

CRT Monitor with Stand - Prop - Electronics

An old CRT monitor with a broken screen and sitting on a stand. Fully editable for any design or animation project!

Crutch - Prop - Household

An editable crutch used for support during an injury.

Door Mat - Prop - Household

A welcome mat for guests. Or edit it so the message keeps people away. Your choice!

El Camama - Prop - Vehicle

An editable vehicle that takes influence from an El Camino.

Fruit Phone 3 - Prop - Electronics

An editable replica of an older model iPhone.

Fruit Phone 5x - Prop - Electronics

The new Fruit Phone! Now with more fruit features. It's also fully customizable!

Golden Desert Eagle - Prop - Weapons

An editable replica of a .50 Desert Eagle pistol.

Hospital Room - Background

An editable interior hospital set that includes bed, medical equipment, curtain and light.

Key - Prop - Household

A single key that can be edited to your liking.

Lamp - Prop - Household

An editable lamp with an alpha light. Goes great with a couch!

Large Trailer - Prop - Vehicles

A large, editable trailer. Suitable for camping, general living and cooking meth.

LCD Monitor - Prop - Electronics

An editable new school monitor for your tech needs.

Long Barreled Revolver - Prop - Weapons

A cartoonishly long barreled revolved which can be edited and placed in any animated scene you wish!

Lotion - Prop - Household

Three editable bottles of lotion for any moisturizing need.

Mail - Prop - Business

A stack of mail. Simple design, easily customizable!

Marijuana - Prop - Drugs

Three editable baggies of weed and one bud. Strain: unknown.

Moth - Prop - Animal

An animated editable moth that's ready to annoy any character you throw him at.

Mouse - Prop - Animal

A cute (or gross depending on your view of rodents) mouse ready to do mouse things in your animation! Limbs have been separated into layers...

Paint Bucket and Brush - Prop - Household

An editable bucket of paint with brush and newspaper to cover the floor from mess.

Palm Tree - Prop - Plants

An editable palm tree suitable for background decoration.

Pigeon - Prop - Animal

An editable pigeon. Ready to fly in the background, be the hero of time, or poop on things.

Plastic Lighter - Prop - Drugs

Seven editable lighters that come in these colors: blue, red, black, white, purple, green and light blue.

Prescription Bottle - Prop - Drugs

An unlabeled editable prescription bottle for presentations and animations.

Restaurant - Background

An interior set for a restaurant that includes counter, register, booths, door, welcome mat and other editable details!

Sammi Phone - Prop - Electronics

A stylish and editable Samsung inspired mobile phone.

Sandwich - Prop - Food and Drink

A typical sandwich for a typical hero's typical adventure. It's pretty typical.

Shotgun - Props - Weapons

A replica of a standard shotgun. Easily editable!

Shovel - Prop - Household

An editable shovel used to dig things... or bash zombies over the head.

Small Camper - Prop - Vehicles

A small editable camper suitable for small trips.

Smoke Alarms - Prop - Household

Three smoke alarms that can be edited and placed in any project you see fit.

Spider - Prop - Animal

A gross, editable (and pre-animated) spider ready to ruin anyone's day.

Starship Bridge - Background

Go boldly where most science fiction series set in space have gone before! Deck out your bridge by editing the furniture and room design to...

The Cruiser - Prop - Vehicles

An editable vehicle inspired by the PT Cruiser.

Tree 2 - Prop - Plants

A second editable tree for more background decoration.

Tree 3 - Prop - Plants

A third editable tree for more variety.

Tree - Prop - Plants

A simple tree for scene decoration.

Truck - Prop - Vehicles

An editable truck for your hero's off-roading needs.

US Dollar Bills - Prop - Business

A 1 and 10 dollar (USD) bill for your editing and animating pleasure.

Video Game Console - Prop - Electronics

An editable video game console inspired by the original Xbox One model.

Video Game Controller - Prop - Electronics

An editable video game controller inspired by the Xbox One design.

Video Game Motion Camera - Prop - Electronics

A companion motion camera for your Xbox One inspired console and controller!

Wheelchair - Prop - Household

An editable wheelchair for mobility. Perfect for background art. With some tweaking, can be used for animation!

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