All Props, Backgrounds and Effects by Chad Troftgruben

All Props, Backgrounds and Effects

Every prop, background, effect and asset available on

What's included?

2x4s - Prop - Household

A pair of 2x4 wood pieces. Suitable for background art or presentations!

9mm Pistol 2 - Prop - Weapons

A second replica of a 9mm pistol. Editable and suitable for any action scene!

9mm Pistol - Prop - Weapons

A replica of a 9mm pistol. Editable and suitable for any action scene!

Alcohol Bottles - Prop - Food and Drink

Five editable alcohol bottles, each representing a different brandname beverage. A bonus shot glass is included so germs aren't spread.

Baby Aspirin - Prop - Drugs

A customizable bottle of Baby Aspirin for the deepest of pains.

Basement - Interior Background

A dark (and possibly smelly) basement where various adventures can occur.

Bong - Prop - Drugs

An editable green bong suitable for a big old bowl of... animation.

Boom Box - Prop - Electronics

It's time to get down! Slap in an 8-track tape and let's do this! Or you can just download this boombox and alter it to your liking. Whatever.

Brownies - Prop - Food and Drink

An editable pan of ordinary brownies. Want extra-ordinary brownies? Download the Marijuana prop and... well, there you go.

Burger (Half Eaten) - Prop - Food and Drink

A half eaten burger for your munching pleasure. Edit and animate anyway you see fit!

Burrito - Prop - Food and Drink

A tasty, editable burrito. Suitable for any animated hero's tummy.

Camroy - Prop - Vehicles

An editable vehicle that takes influence from a Toyota Camry,

Cash Stack - Prop - Business

A stack of USD bills. Fully customizable!

Cat Food Bowl - Prop - Household

A bowl of food for a cat. Don't like cats (what's wrong with you?) Then edit it for any pet you wish!

Chalices (Gold and Black) - Prop - Household

An editable gold and black chalice come with this purchase. 

City Limits - Background

At the limits of the city... things are pushed to... the edge? A simple exterior set with bushes, road and background buildings.

Cockroach - Prop - Animal

Ew! What's that?! Oh man! It's a cockroach! Luckily it's fully customizable and free, otherwise we may have a problem here.

Couch - Prop - Household

An editable couch which can be used for decoration or resting an animated character's butt on.

CRT Monitor with Stand 2 - Prop - Electronics

A second CRT TV with a stand. The screen on this one is not broken.

CRT Monitor with Stand - Prop - Electronics

An old CRT monitor with a broken screen and sitting on a stand. Fully editable for any design or animation project!

Crutch - Prop - Household

An editable crutch used for support during an injury.

Door Mat - Prop - Household

A welcome mat for guests. Or edit it so the message keeps people away. Your choice!

El Camama - Prop - Vehicle

An editable vehicle that takes influence from an El Camino.

Fruit Phone 3 - Prop - Electronics

An editable replica of an older model iPhone.

Fruit Phone 5x - Prop - Electronics

The new Fruit Phone! Now with more fruit features. It's also fully customizable!

Golden Desert Eagle - Prop - Weapons

An editable replica of a .50 Desert Eagle pistol.

Hospital Room - Background

An editable interior hospital set that includes bed, medical equipment, curtain and light.

Key - Prop - Household

A single key that can be edited to your liking.

Lamp - Prop - Household

An editable lamp with an alpha light. Goes great with a couch!

Large Trailer - Prop - Vehicles

A large, editable trailer. Suitable for camping, general living and cooking meth.

LCD Monitor - Prop - Electronics

An editable new school monitor for your tech needs.

Long Barreled Revolver - Prop - Weapons

A cartoonishly long barreled revolved which can be edited and placed in any animated scene you wish!

Lotion - Prop - Household

Three editable bottles of lotion for any moisturizing need.

Mail - Prop - Business

A stack of mail. Simple design, easily customizable!

Marijuana - Prop - Drugs

Three editable baggies of weed and one bud. Strain: unknown.

Moth - Prop - Animal

An animated editable moth that's ready to annoy any character you throw him at.

Mouse - Prop - Animal

A cute (or gross depending on your view of rodents) mouse ready to do mouse things in your animation! Limbs have been separated into layers for easy editing.

Paint Bucket and Brush - Prop - Household

An editable bucket of paint with brush and newspaper to cover the floor from mess.

Palm Tree - Prop - Plants

An editable palm tree suitable for background decoration.

Pigeon - Prop - Animal

An editable pigeon. Ready to fly in the background, be the hero of time, or poop on things.

Plastic Lighter - Prop - Drugs

Seven editable lighters that come in these colors: blue, red, black, white, purple, green and light blue.

Prescription Bottle - Prop - Drugs

An unlabeled editable prescription bottle for presentations and animations.

Restaurant - Background

An interior set for a restaurant that includes counter, register, booths, door, welcome mat and other editable details!

Sammi Phone - Prop - Electronics

A stylish and editable Samsung inspired mobile phone.

Sandwich - Prop - Food and Drink

A typical sandwich for a typical hero's typical adventure. It's pretty typical.

Shotgun - Props - Weapons

A replica of a standard shotgun. Easily editable!

Shovel - Prop - Household

An editable shovel used to dig things... or bash zombies over the head.

Small Camper - Prop - Vehicles

A small editable camper suitable for small trips.

Smoke Alarms - Prop - Household

Three smoke alarms that can be edited and placed in any project you see fit.

Spider - Prop - Animal

A gross, editable (and pre-animated) spider ready to ruin anyone's day.

Starship Bridge - Background

Go boldly where most science fiction series set in space have gone before! Deck out your bridge by editing the furniture and room design to your choosing!

The Cruiser - Prop - Vehicles

An editable vehicle inspired by the PT Cruiser.

Tree 2 - Prop - Plants

A second editable tree for more background decoration.

Tree 3 - Prop - Plants

A third editable tree for more variety.

Tree - Prop - Plants

A simple tree for scene decoration.

Truck - Prop - Vehicles

An editable truck for your hero's off-roading needs.

US Dollar Bills - Prop - Business

A 1 and 10 dollar (USD) bill for your editing and animating pleasure.

Video Game Console - Prop - Electronics

An editable video game console inspired by the original Xbox One model.

Video Game Controller - Prop - Electronics

An editable video game controller inspired by the Xbox One design.

Video Game Motion Camera - Prop - Electronics

A companion motion camera for your Xbox One inspired console and controller!

Wheelchair - Prop - Household

An editable wheelchair for mobility. Perfect for background art. With some tweaking, can be used for animation!

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