Assembling an Animated Moho Production by Chad Troftgruben

Assembling an Animated Moho Production

Assemble an eye-catching animated sequence using rigs, sets, props, audio and particle effects.

Learn how to Build this Animation!

Follow along with me as we create this animated sequence (hit the play button on the thumbnail). Here we take everything learned from previous Moho courses and create a cohesive sequence.

From Page to Screen

Using the included storyboard and screenplay as a guide, learn how to combine rigs, actions, sets, props and audio to create a narrative.

Work with 2D and 3D Assets

By mixing 2D rigs with 3D sets, we can create an eye catching and stylish sequence that takes advantage of camera depth.

Build Atmosphere with Custom Made Effects

Learn how to build and animate dust, smoke and electricity in combination with pre-made particle effects from the Toon Files library.

Assemble with Moho or a Video Editor

This course shows how you can assemble a sequence made up of multiple shots inside of Moho. We also teach how to assemble in Premiere for more options.

Topics Covered in Over 10 Hours of Learning Materials:

  • Animating 3D ships to create a fun space battle
  • Lip syncing and body language for multiple characters
  • Working within full 3D sets to build depth and atmosphere
  • Correcting timing and other animation anomalies that can pop up
  • Creating vector particle effects such as lightning, smoke and dust
  • Creating a teleportation effect using Moho 13's new bitmap tools
  • Using layer references to correct animations and create eye catching effects
  • Working with pre-made PNG particle effects to compliment action
  • Editing multiple Moho scenes together with the Sequencer
  • Optionally editing multiple Moho video scenes in Premiere
  • Exporting the final sequence for distribution

What's included?

Video Icon 53 videos File Icon 15 files


What You Will Learn in this Course
5 mins
Preview of Animation You Will Create With Me
2 mins
Prerequisites for this Course
4 mins
Downloadable Exercise Files and Instructions
How to Download And Setup Exercise Files
4 mins
80 MB
29.3 MB
226 MB
218 MB
3.87 MB
Screenplay and
4.98 MB
559 MB
37.8 MB
32.7 MB
76.9 MB
1.39 GB
584 MB
186 MB
110 MB
PNG Sequence
4.47 GB
Breaking Down the Course Materials
Looking at the Screenplay and Storyboard
6 mins
Listening and Interpreting Character Dialogue
4 mins
Examining the Rigs
4 mins
Looking at the 3D Sets and Props
4 mins
Explanation of Effects Folder
2 mins
Laying Out Scenes 1 and 2
Animating the Opening Shot
21 mins
Importing Rigs and Setting Up Scene 2
15 mins
Setting Up Audio References and Timing
10 mins
Lip Syncing the Alien Guard
10 mins
Lip Syncing Chad
17 mins
Animating Alien Guard's Body Language
24 mins
Animating Chad's Actions
18 mins
Enhancing Alien Guard With Blinks and Head Turns
28 mins
Enhancing Chad's Animations
53 mins
Adding the Flying Van in Background
14 mins
Enhancing Scene 2 with Polished Actions and Effects
Creating the Electricity Effect
29 mins
Adding Emphasis with the Electricity Effect
12 mins
Adding Smoke
14 mins
Adding Sparks and Dust
21 mins
Creating the Disappearing Effect
21 mins
Adding a Teleporter Glow
10 mins
Creating the Gun's Power Charge
20 mins
Implementing Camera Movements
10 mins
Correcting Scene Errors
12 mins
Animating Scene 3
Setting Up Teleport Dial
14 mins
Setting Up Van Interior Shot
16 mins
Lip Syncing Chad and Frank
13 mins
Modifying Chad Rig for Body Language Animation
9 mins
Animating Chad's Body Language
28 mins
Animating Frank's Body Language
16 mins
Animating Battle Carnage
23 mins
Animating Camera Movements
13 mins
Animating the Ship Chase
Setting Up the First Chase Sequence
16 mins
Animating Lasers and Explosions
15 mins
Animating Sun Shot
10 mins
Polishing and Finalizing Scenes
Adjusting Ship Speed and Filter in Scene 1
5 mins
Finalizing Scene 2
10 mins
Polishing Scene 3
13 mins
Preparing Scenes 4 and 5
5 mins
Assembling Scenes in Moho
Exporting Scenes For Easier Assembly
8 mins
Piecing Together the Sequence
10 mins
Adding Additional Audio
13 mins
Exporting the Main File Out
6 mins
Assembling Scenes in Video Editing Software
Preparing Clips For Premiere
5 mins
Importing and Assembling in Premiere
5 mins
Adding Music and Sound Effects
11 mins
Adding Additional Effects
4 mins
Exporting the File
4 mins
Final Thoughts
2 mins