Background Launch Bundle by Chad Troftgruben

Background Launch Bundle

This pack contains five 2D backgrounds with editable set pieces for multiple purposes!

Multiple File Formats

Each downloadable file comes in a variety of formats, such as .png, .svg and .anme for multiple ways to edit and integrate!

What's included

Basement - Interior Background

A dark (and possibly smelly) basement where various adventures can occur.

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City Limits - Background

At the limits of the city... things are pushed to... the edge? A simple exterior set with bushes, road and background buildings.

Hospital Room - Background

An editable interior hospital set that includes bed, medical equipment, curtain and light.

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Restaurant - Background

An interior set for a restaurant that includes counter, register, booths, door, welcome mat and other editable details!

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Starship Bridge - Background

Go boldly where most science fiction series set in space have gone before! Deck out your bridge by editing the furniture and room design to...

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Premium Animation Lessons and Files

Lessons and assets for Moho/Anime Studio Pro, Character Animator, After Effects and Animate