Building 3D Sets in Moho Pro by Chad Troftgruben

Building 3D Sets in Moho Pro

A step-by-step guide for building 3D sets from scratch using Moho Pro's design and layer tools

2 hours of lessons complete with downloadable Moho project files

While Moho Pro 12 is built for 2D animation, it has some simple yet cool 3D modeling abilities that allow you to speed up workflows and add visual pizazz. 

In this course you will learn the following:
  • Sketch a 2D concept
  • Build 2D assets for 3D conversion
  • Build 3D objects with multiple pieces
  • Create seamless textures
  • Apply textures to simple and complex shapes
  • Animate 3D objects
  • Effectively Animating a Camera
  • Work with Image Streams 
  • Animate a 2D character in a 3D scene
  • Polish scenes with blend modes and blurs
What you’ll learn
  • Build 3D sets from scratch in Moho Pro 12
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • Be able to navigate and use the basic tools of Moho Pro 12
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to animation looking to design backgrounds
  • Animators looking for alternative methods to building backgrounds

What's included?

Video Icon 26 videos File Icon 1 file


Downloadable Source Files
Building 3D Sets in Moho Pro Source Files
189 MB
Course Overview
3 mins
Prerequisites for this Course
2 mins
Laying Out a 2D Concept
Sketching Out Your Scene
2 mins
Readying a Document in Moho
4 mins
Drawing a Tree
11 mins
Drawing the Rocks
4 mins
Drawing Other Scene Elements
6 mins
Assembling the 3D Scene
Understanding 3D Conversion and Layer Order
6 mins
Arranging 3D Floor
7 mins
Setting Up Background Elements
6 mins
Setting Up Foreground Objects
6 mins
Modifying the 3D Tree
6 mins
Texturing and Finalizing Layout
Creating Textures
6 mins
Compressing Textures
3 mins
Applying Textures
8 mins
Duplicating Trees and Rocks
9 mins
Animating the Scene
Animating the Lava
3 mins
Animating Big Bubbles
10 mins
Importing Particles as Image Streams
5 mins
Animating Our Character
11 mins
Polishing the Character
5 mins
Animating the Camera
8 mins
Atmosphere and Polishing
Adding Clouds
4 mins
Using Blend Modes and Blurs
7 mins
Exporting Your Work
3 mins
Final Thoughts
1 min

Premium Animation Lessons and Files

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