Building Reusable Character Actions in Moho Pro 13 by Chad Troftgruben

Building Reusable Character Actions in Moho Pro 13

Create poses, robust animation loops and controls which can be implemented, edited, saved and reused.

Reusable and Editable Actions

Moho's robust bone system is great for creating quick, eye pleasing animations. And with the Actions panel, you can save, edit and reuse these actions at any time.

Learn the Different Action Types

In this course you will learn how to set up the three main action types: Smart, Morph and Regular. In addition, we will go over various tips and tricks to ensure your workflow is being maximized with this feature.

Learn About Character Animation

These lectures also act as a crash course in character animation as we will be applying anticipation, follow-through, and other animation principles to help solidify our library.

Here is a breakdown of everything we will cover:

  • How to create the three action types: Morph, Regular and Smart
  • Enhance rigs further with additional Smart Dials
  • The differences between Copies and References
  • The importance of grouping and action organization
  • Build an actions library which can be used for multiple projects and rigs
  • Build up isolated one step actions which can be linked together with others to create unique animations
  • Setup robust motions such as a walk cycles and learn what it takes to create eye catching results
  • Create an action dial that acts as an alternative to the Actions Panel
  • Import and export actions from and to Moho documents

What's included?

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Downloadable Exercise Files
EXERCISE FILES_Building Actions Library in Moho
29.1 MB
What You Will Learn in this Course
3 mins
Explanation of Exercise Files
2 mins
Preparing for Actions
Adjusting Your Workspace for Animation
3 mins
Differences with Action Types
11 mins
Organizing Actions with Folders
6 mins
Preparing Rig for Actions
11 mins
Copies Versus References
7 mins
Building Step Actions
Building Stand Poses
11 mins
Building Down Poses
12 mins
Building Up Poses
14 mins
Building Talk Poses
8 mins
Building Other Poses
8 mins
Building Animated Actions
Building a Walk Cycle
23 mins
Building a Run Cycle
23 mins
Building a Jump
8 mins
Other Actions Tips
Why Build an Action Dial?
4 mins
Building Action Dial Poses
9 mins
Importing and Exporting Actions
5 mins
Importing and Exporting Actions
4 mins
Final Thoughts
2 mins