Cartoon Props Pack by Chad Troftgruben

Cartoon Props Pack

Close to 100 editable assets with the purpose of implementing into animated productions. Food, drinks, weapons, technology, horror, business, animals, plants and more, plus any future props we release, come with your purchase!

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Multiple Formats for Multiple Workflows

Files come in multiple editable formats. Vectors are available in .anme and .svg while bitmap assets come in .procreate and .psd formats.



An annoying moth to add atmosphere to your scene. Comes with animatable wings and preset animation.


A mouse to irritate your hero or scare a stereotypical damsel in distress. Comes with separated tail and legs.


Ew! A roach! They say these buggers are becoming immune to everything. I'm not sure what that has to do with this file but I figured I'd mention it.


It's a pigeon. He can do pigeon things in your cartoon... if you let him. Comes with separated wing for animation.


A sinister spider who is obviously up to no good. They say you shouldn't kill spiders you find in your house. But this guy is asking for it.


Paper Tower

A tower of papers with a pencil on top.

Cash Stack

A stack of cash to make your cartoon hero a multi-millionaire. Or you can pretend its five bucks. I won't judge.


A simple vector based envelope with possible pages or letters sticking out of the sides. It's probably just junk.

USA Dollar Bills

Holy cow! 11 bucks?! You're rich! A 1 and 10 dollar bill separated out to add to your animated or design project.

Drugs and Medication

Tie Died Bong

When you get high, it needs to be done with a tie died smokable. How else will people know you're a hippie?

Cannabis Baggies

Four separated different sized baggies containing various amounts of cannabis. Layers are separated for easy editing and implementation.

Prescription Bottle

A blank prescription bottle for your animated or design production. Add a name and a description or keep it blank. Good for background prop work.

Plastic Lighters

If you downloaded the bong above, you need a lighter! With nine colors to choose from, each lighter is on it's own Moho layer for easy editing.

Glass Bong

A green glass bong for your radical 420 adventures, man. It also couples as a time travel device. Since it's vector based you can easily change the colors.

Baby Aspirin

A large bottle of baby aspirin for an infant with a hangover. Or for intense pains. Or you can use it for whatever. Do you what you want with it. See if I care.

Electronics and Technology

Cell Phone Back

A prop resembling the back on an Apple iPhone.

Video Game Controller 2

A video game controller resembling a popular Sony brand.

CRT Monitor Frame

A close up of an old time computer monitor.

Boom Box

It's time to take your beef to the streets and dance your butt off. Of course you will need a boombox for the break dancing portion of your midlife crisis.


An old retro television with an open screen so you can easily add imagery inside the box. Asset also comes with a detachable stand.

Damaged CRT TV

A damaged CRT television that comes with its own stand. A good prop if you're looking to build a messy or distressed environment.


A modern flat panel display designed as a vector for easy editing. Make the gradient on the screen transparent to add your own imagery.

Sammi Phone

An older phone model inspired by the Samsung line of devices. Separated into two vectors for easy editing.

Fruit Phone 3

Two vector based designs showcasing two different angles of an iPhone inspired device. This one is an older model, the third in the series.

Fruit Phone 5

Two editable vectors which represent a more modern iteration of an iPhone. Still a bit retro but a good prop nonetheless.

Motion Camera

A motion camera to go with your game console and controller. So drop that controller and start dancing to get high scores!

Game Controller

An Xbox One-inspired controller. Can be edited with the .moho and .svg files. Couple this with the game console!

Game Console

A video game console inspired by the original Xbox One. Add your own logo or design tweaks with the vector based design.

Food and Drink

Kitchen Foil

A simple PNG showcasing foil with burrito remnants.

Alcohol Bottles

This file contains five bottles of alcohol that mimic their real life counterparts. A shot glass is included as well!

Eaten Burgers

You know this burger is good because someone already took a bite out of it. But wait! Why didn't they finish it? Some mysteries will never be solved.


A delicious sandwich for your hero to consume. Or maybe it can be used as a weapon? Or maybe it's actually an alien? You decide!


A yummy beef and cheese burrito used to fill up your hero when he or she needs it most. Great as a prop by itself as well.


Be sure to grab the baggies of cannabis as well. Make some canna-butter, mix and bake. You'll thank me later...

Halloween and Horror

Candle with Holder 2

A second variation of a candle holder.

Pumpkin 3

A standard looking pumpkin made up of multiple layers. Design is made up of vectors which can be edited with the included .svg and.moho files.

Pumpkin 2

A tall yellow pumpkin which can be easily added to any scene. Design is made up of vectors which can be edited with the included .svg and.moho files.


A no frills pumpkin for autumn-inspired scenery. Design is made up of vectors which can be edited with the included .svg and.moho files.

Jack-O-Lantern 3

A carved pumpkin made up of different vector shapes and layers. Great for any Halloween inspired animation or design project.

Jack-O-Lantern 2

A yellow vector based Jack-O-Lantern who looks too happy for his own good. I mean, seriously, why so happy, yellow dude?


A standard vector-based Jack-O-Lantern to add to the background of your Halloween inspired animation or design project.

Candle with Holder

An image based candle with removeable flame and glow. Great as a background prop. Or maybe your hero can hold it while exploring a spooky house?

Bloody Knife

A sharp, blood covered knife for your horror needs. The blood can be removed due to being on it's own layer. Design is vector based.



A hammer for hammering the things you need to hammer.


A raster based set of pliers that comes in two phases: open and shut.


A vector based lamp you can place in any scene.


A vector based couch for any cartoon butt.


A useful prop to add into your background. Elements have been separate if you would like to use the prop for more than just background art.

Smoke Alarms

Three vector based smoke alarms that can be used to convey a fire starting. Or they can be useful for Powerpoint and design projects.


A simple shovel for gardening, killing rodents or burying bodies. Or decapitating zombies. Or a religious symbol to an underdeveloped society. Or...


Three separate vectors representing different bottles of lotion. Useful for background props, such as designing elements for a bathroom.


A single key used for any task you wish. The file is a editable as an vector and useful for animated and design productions.

Door Mat

Welcome your guests with this fashionable, no frills welcome mat. Or use it as a trap to trick people into falling though a trapdoor. Your choice!


A standard crutch used to help those who are in need. It can also be useful as a background prop if you're trying to build clutter.


Mysterious Vial

A glowing vial containing a valuable serum. Moho file comes with animated glow and bubbles.

Cartoony American Flag

A sketchy looking American flag for your obnoxious patriotic needs.


A raster based cigarette you can plop into the hand or mouth of a bad ass cartoon hero.


A vector based gavel for trying your animated villains.


A vector based dumpster which can be added to the background of a city scene to help build atmosphere and detail. 


A standard looking piece of poo for your potty-based needs. I have nothing more to say. It's poop.


A simple pair of vector based glasses which you can add to a front view of a character. Or perhaps as clip art for a PowerPoint.

Gas Can

A vector based portable gas can to help build scenery or set up a plot device for your hero to leave their vehicle.

Camp Fire Wood

An unlit campfire which can be used to establish a scene. Camping in the woods, a spooky cabin, this pile of wood fits the task.

Mexican Flag

Vector art representing the country of Mexico. Can be easily edited and added to any design or animation production.


A tepee tied to no culture in particular. Useful for background art and Old West themed cartoons.

Plants and Nature

Grass Blades

Three individual chunks of grass for you to use in any production.


Three individual flower props.

Palm Tree

A palm tree perfect for adding to background scenery. Or perhaps you can put a cat... in a palm tree? Sure, why not?


A typical tree you would find in a small neighborhood or park. Great for background assets or clip art for PowerPoints.

Tree 2

Another tree used for scenery building in a neighborhood or park. Like the other trees, this one is vector based.

Tree 3

Another vector based colorful tree which can be useful for a wide range of scene building.


Alien Ship

A 3D ship model which can be used in Moho productions.

Blue Car

A front view of a blue car.


A profile view of an awesome van.


A back angle of a standard truck with supplies in the bed. Use the vector layout to change colors and add details.

The Cruzer

A back angle of a vehicle that looks like a PT Cruiser. Use the vector layers to add colors and details as you see fit.

El Camama

An angled back view of a vector based vehicle that resembles an El Camino. The car comes with one angle but can be modified through colors and such.


A vehicle at a slight over head angle that resembles a Toyota Corolla. This object is vector based for easy color swapping.

Small Camper

Is the Large Trailer too much real estate for you? Well maybe I can interest you in this quaint, easy to move camper?

Large Trailer

A home on wheels for your typical white trash family or mobile base for epic adventures.


Alien Pistol

A red alien blaster for your sci-fi needs.

Alien Rifle

A rifle variant of the alien pistol.

Laser Sword

A raster based energy sword that comes with three phases: still, half swing and full swing.

Desert Eagle

A detailed golden Desert Eagle pistol (.50) which can be easily modified due to being designed with vectors.

9mm Pistol

A detailed replica of a 9mm pistol. Can be modified easily due it's vector makeup. Use it an animation or design project!

9mm Pistol 2

A detailed replica of a 9mm pistol that contains variations from the first. Can be modified easily due it's vector makeup.


A cartoony shotgun used to blast holes in zombies and other baddies. The vector design makes it easy to edit to your specifications.

Long Revolver

A cartoony, simple long barreled revolver (.44). When you need to make an impression, nothing works better than an unnecessarily long barrel.

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