Cartoon Scenes Pack by Chad Troftgruben

Cartoon Scenes Pack

A package of interior and exterior 2D sets designed for easy implementation over a variety of animation software.

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30 Cartoon Scenes With Varying Themes

A windy field, a spaceship bridge, an abandoned road, and a hospital room are just a few of the scenes included.

Full 2D Sets Editable in Moho, Illustrator and Photoshop

These files are meant to help you establish quick, easy sets for your Moho, Animate CC, Character Animator or After Effects based cartoons.

Multiple Formats for Multiple Workflows

Files designed in Moho contain the original .moho file plus broken down layers in folders, a PSD with assembled layers, along with .svg and other image files. 

Exterior Sets


A Moho scene set up in 3D with a distant glowing sun.


Silhouetted buildings with lit windows on the night horizon.


A sidewalk near a simple row of bushes.

Condemned House

A bullet ridden, weathered house in the middle of D Street.

Pizza Paradise

The exterior of a local, and possibly shady, pizzeria

Hospital Building

The exterior of a typical American hospital.


A scene depicting a grave site.

Wilderness Trail

A trail that leads into the trees.

Behind Store

A scene resembling a shady situation behind a building. 

Burger Joint

An exterior of a fast food burger joint.


A raster based background depicting fall.


A wintry 4k raster based PSD.


A spring field in the middle of a rain storm.


A warm evening after a hot summer day.

City Limits

At the limits of the city... strange things can happen. 

Interior Sets

Space Van Cockpit

A 3D Moho set showing the inside of a super sci-fi van.

Alien Interrogation Chamber

A sinister 3D set built in Moho resembling a torture chamber in space.

Crystal Cave

A mysterious cave with crystals.


An entrance to a spooky cave.


A simple vector based set for animated nighttime fun.

Behind Counter

A scene showing behind the counter of a fast food restaurant.

Kitchen Friers

Friers found in the kitchen of various restaurants.

Star Ship Closet

A janitor's closet found on your typical interstellar star ship.

Star Ship Corridor

A hallway connecting vital parts of your star ship.

Basement 2

Another dank, smelly basement for the most epic of underground dwellers.


The backstage of a theater or movie set.


A courtroom to try your villainous cartoon characters.

Makeshift Forest

A forest set from a children's play.

Makeshift Swamp

Similar to the forest but with an alligator and lily pads!

Makeshift Cave

A cardboard-looking set from a play that resembles a cave.

TV Studio Kitchen

A kitchen that appears to be on a set meant to advertise products.

Hospital Room

An interior set resembling a bed in an emergency room.

Starship Bridge

A starship bridge for your futuristic animated series. Boldly go places!

Restaurant Entrance

The interior of a restaurant for your animated hero to kick back and refuel.


A dank and smelly basement where various adventures can occur.

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What's included?

File Icon 34 files


External Sets
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Fast Food
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Interior Sets
Space Van
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Alien Integration
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Space Ship -
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Restaurant - Behind
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TV Studio
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Star Ship
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