Designing Bitmap Characters in Moho 13 by Chad Troftgruben

Designing Bitmap Characters in Moho 13

Design raster based characters from rough sketch to final inked product using Moho 13's new bitmap tools!

Sketch, Ink, Fill and Shade Images

With Moho 13 you can design full raster image characters using a brush, paint bucket and eraser tool. This makes Moho a true all in one app when it comes to design and animation. 

Work with Included References

Your purchase not only includes the final Moho file, but reference images to help you sketch, ink and draw various head phases, hands and mouth poses.

Design a Character from Start to Finish

The topics you will learn includes:
  • Sketching from a reference
  • Inking nice bold lines
  • Applying flat colors
  • Masking the Eyes
  • Shading
  • Highlighting
  • Proper Layer Hierarchy to make the character rig-ready

What's included?

Video Icon 35 videos File Icon 1 file


Downloadable Exercise Files
4.66 MB
What You Will Learn in this Course
2 mins
Prerequisites for this Course
4 mins
Working with the Course Project Files
4 mins
Designing with Images in Moho
7 mins
Setting Up Your Moho Document
7 mins
Sketching Your Character
Sketching the Head
10 mins
Sketching the Hair
5 mins
Sketching Facial Features
3 mins
Sketching the Body
8 mins
Sketching The Limbs
5 mins
Cleaning Up the Sketch
3 mins
Inking Your Character
Inking the Head
8 mins
Inking the Hair
8 mins
Inking the Facial Features
14 mins
Inking the Body
17 mins
Inking Limbs, Hands and Feet
11 mins
Applying Flat Colors
Coloring the Face
6 mins
Coloring the Eyebrows and Hair
5 mins
Coloring the Eyes, Neck and Hands
3 mins
Coloring Shirt, Jacket and Limbs
7 mins
Reordering Body Parts for Proper Display
4 mins
Fixing and Cleaning Up Overlooked Areas
13 mins
Masking the Eyes
9 mins
Fixing the Shirt and Belt Buckle
7 mins
Creating Additional Mouth, Hand and Head Poses
Sketching the Mouth Poses
15 mins
Inking and Coloring the Mouth Poses
19 mins
Sketching the Left Hand Poses
8 mins
Sketching the Right Hand Poses
6 mins
Inking and Filling Hands
17 mins
Sketching Two Additional Head Poses
19 mins
Adding Shading and Highlights
Applying Shading Layers
17 mins
Applying Highlight Layers
12 mins
Masking and Blending the Effects
12 mins
Polishing Your Design
6 mins
Final Thoughts
2 mins