Designing Vector Characters in Adobe Animate by Chad Troftgruben

Designing Vector Characters in Adobe Animate

Learn how to use Animate's vector based tools to design, fill and polish your own character while applying proper layer hierarchy.

Learn the Design Tools

Learn how to use the common Animate draw tools, including: Pencil, Line, Pen, and Brush.

Design with Points, Lines and Beziers

Using a combination of tools we will create a character using as few points as possible, which allows for greater control when bending lines and re-positioning points.

Create Bend Ready Joints

Learn how to properly design joints so you can easily rig and animate, if you so choose.

Proper Layer Hierarchy

Learn how to properly layer out a character so if you decide to animate, the process will be easier to tackle.

Shade, Highlight and Polish

Learn how to add shading, highlighting and other polishing techniques to make your final design shine!

What's included?

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Downloadable Exercise Files
51.1 MB
What You Will Learn in this Course
4 mins
Prerequisites for this Course
1 min
Explanation of Exercise Files
2 mins
Adjusting Your Workspace
5 mins
Setting Up Your Document
5 mins
Exploring Animate's Draw Tools
14 mins
Using Snap to Objects
4 mins
Inking the Head and Hair
Outlining the Head
11 mins
Drawing the Hair
13 mins
Drawing Hair Strands
7 mins
Drawing Ponytail
9 mins
Inking the Torso and Limbs
Inking the Torso and Neck
17 mins
Drawing the Jacket
15 mins
Inking the Arms
16 mins
Designing the Hands
13 mins
Inking the Pelvis, Legs and Feet
18 mins
Filling, Shading and Highlighting Your Character
Coloring in the Head and Hair
10 mins
Filling the Body Pieces
12 mins
Filling the Limbs
23 mins
Applying Shading to Character
21 mins
Adding Highlights to the Character
15 mins
Inking, Coloring and Masking the Eyes
Designing the Eyeball, Lids and Pupil
8 mins
Masking and Highlighting Eyes
16 mins
Adding Eyebrows and Nose
8 mins
Creating Additional Mouth, Hand and Head Poses
Inking, Coloring and Masking the Mouth Template
15 mins
Molding Additional Mouth Poses
25 mins
Inking and Filling New Hand Poses
16 mins
Overviewing Two Additional Head Poses
4 mins
Cleaning Up Layers
8 mins
Polishing Your Design
33 mins
Rendering an Image
3 mins
Final Thoughts
2 mins