Drawing Cute Characters in Procreate by Chad Troftgruben

Drawing Cute Characters in Procreate

Learn how to draw adorable animal characters using the iPad Pro's robust Procreate app!

Drawing Basics

The first part of the course spends time examining basic drawing skills that can be adapted to any style.

Cute Theory

What makes a character cute? We will explore this concept with several styles and approaches, giving us the building blocks to tackle our projects.

Drawing a Cute Fish

We will take our drawing basics and cute theory and build a cartoon fish from scratch. Here you will learn all about inking, line weight, coloring, shading, highlighting and basic background design. 

Drawing a Cute Cat

We will draw a second animal from scratch. While several steps from the fish are repeated, new approaches to sketching, coloring and composing are applied allowing for more variation.

Procreate crash course that can be applied anywhere

While this course also acts as a crash course for Procreate, you can use any drawing app you wish to follow along. Perhaps your old school? No problem! Break out that pencil and paper and let's get drawing!

What's included?

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Downloadable Source Files
Overview of Exercise Files
2 mins
34.1 MB
What You Will Learn in this Course
5 mins
Prerequisites for this Course
2 mins
Quick Overview of Procreate
14 mins
Basic Drawing Guidelines
17 mins
The Theory of Cute
What Makes a Character's Head Cute?
12 mins
Examining How to Design a Cute Body
10 mins
Exploring Cute Styles
8 mins
Exploring Cute Versatility
20 mins
Sketching and Inking a Cute Fish
Sketching Our Fish
7 mins
Refining the Fish Sketch
8 mins
Inking the Fish
14 mins
Cleaning Up and Adding Line Weight
10 mins
Coloring, Shading and Highlighting Cute Fish
Applying Flat Colors
9 mins
Overview of Shading Techniques in Procreate
8 mins
Applying First Layer of Shading
7 mins
Applying Second Layer of Shading
4 mins
Applying First Layer of Highlights
5 mins
Applying Second Layer of Highlights
4 mins
Designing a Background
10 mins
Finishing the Background
4 mins
Drawing a Cute Cat
Sketching the Cat
18 mins
Sketching the Background
6 mins
Cleaning up Sketch
17 mins
Inking the Cat
10 mins
Inking the Background
12 mins
Applying Gray Values
23 mins
Coloring the Cat
10 mins
Coloring the Background
15 mins
Coloring Other Set Pieces
13 mins
Adding Final Touches to Cute Cat
8 mins
Wrapping Up
Exporting Files from Procreate
3 mins
Final Thoughts
1 min