Electronic Props Launch Bundle by Chad Troftgruben

Electronic Props Launch Bundle

This bundle contains 10 props that feature: Boom box, CRT monitors, mobile phones, video game console and more

Multiple File Formats

Each downloadable file comes in a variety of formats, such as .png, .svg and .anme for multiple ways to edit and integrate!

What's included?

Boom Box - Prop - Electronics

It's time to get down! Slap in an 8-track tape and let's do this! Or you can just download this boombox and alter it to your liking. Whatever.

CRT Monitor with Stand 2 - Prop - Electronics

A second CRT TV with a stand. The screen on this one is not broken.

CRT Monitor with Stand - Prop - Electronics

An old CRT monitor with a broken screen and sitting on a stand. Fully editable for any design or animation project!

Fruit Phone 3 - Prop - Electronics

An editable replica of an older model iPhone.

Fruit Phone 5x - Prop - Electronics

The new Fruit Phone! Now with more fruit features. It's also fully customizable!

LCD Monitor - Prop - Electronics

An editable new school monitor for your tech needs.

Sammi Phone - Prop - Electronics

A stylish and editable Samsung inspired mobile phone.

Video Game Console - Prop - Electronics

An editable video game console inspired by the original Xbox One model.

Video Game Controller - Prop - Electronics

An editable video game controller inspired by the Xbox One design.

Video Game Motion Camera - Prop - Electronics

A companion motion camera for your Xbox One inspired console and controller!

Premium Animation Lessons and Files

Lessons and assets for Moho/Anime Studio Pro, Character Animator, After Effects, Animate and Procreate