Enhancing Moho Scenes in After Effects by Chad Troftgruben

Enhancing Moho Scenes in After Effects

Enhance assets from other software with After Effect's robust toolset

Add Visual Flare Beyond Base Animation

With After Effects, you can go into your animated cartoons and add visual flare, even if your scene in a different software. If you're an animator looking to add some neat effects to help visual fidelity, then this course is for you!

Separating Layers for Maximum Control

While Moho is used to create the animation showcased, these methods can be applied to any animation software, just as long as you're able to export out layers separately, which is taught in this course.

Beginner Friendly Lessons to Grow On

This course is aimed at beginners who are new to Moho animation or After Effects editing. The skills taught here can be expanded upon greatly, giving you an awesome jumping stone to start your visually stunning project!

What's included?

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Downloadable Source Files
2.77 GB
3 mins
Preparing Assets for After Effects
Taking Advantage of Moho Layer Comps
4 mins
Exporting Out Your Moho Scene
6 mins
Importing Image Sequences into After Effects
3 mins
Arranging Layers in Proper Order
4 mins
Enhancing the Assets
Adding Basic Camera Blurs
5 mins
Blurring the Lava Layer
8 mins
Adding Smoke Blurs
3 mins
Making the Lava Glow
4 mins
Adding New Animated Elements
Animating Spark Fountains
8 mins
Animating Bubbles
4 mins
Animating Rock Bubbles
4 mins
Exporting Particles Through Media Encoder
3 mins
Implementing Effects in Moho for Proper Tracking
11 mins
Finalizing Our After Effects Scene
Adding New Effects to After Effects Comp
4 mins
Blurring New Moho Effects
5 mins
Using Blend Modes to Enhance New Particles
9 mins
Masking the Big Foreground Bubble
9 mins
Adding a Gradient Filter
5 mins
Adding Waviness and Exporting
5 mins
Final Thoughts
1 min