What does Toon Files offer?

Toon Files is a website that offers free and paid assets for animated cartoons, business productions and school presentations.

What file formats does Toon Files offer?

Each purchase comes with various file formats to ensure the process is as universal as possible. What you get depends on the asset but the following is currently offered:

Can the files be edited?

Yes! While .pngs and .movs are harder to manipulate, .ai, .psd, .svg and .moho files can be altered any way you see fit. All you need is vector software like Illustrator, Animate, Moho or InkScape.

Can I use these files in any production?

Yes. No restrictions apply for content. Please read our License Agreement for more details.

Can I alter and sell the files myself?

No. Please read our License Agreement before making a purchase.

Do all the files on here cost money?

No! We have a selection of free files we swap out periodically. Keep checking back for new free files, packages and special discounts!

Can I request files?

Yes! Go to our Contact page and tell us what you need. Pricing and deadlines vary by asset.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately since we sell digital goods, there is no tangible way for us to place returns. Please review the file's description before throwing down your hard earned money. However, if a file doesn't work as intended due to an error on our end, we will do everything we can to correct it.

Can I contribute to your library?

So you want to work with us, huh? Visit our Contact page and tell us about yourself and your work. We will request samples of what you've done. And then maybe... just maybe, you will be deemed cool enough to join us.