Food and Drink Props Launch Bundle by Chad Troftgruben

Food and Drink Props Launch Bundle

Five editable assets food props containing: alcohol bottles, sandwich, burger, brownies and a burrito.

Multiple File Formats

Each downloadable file comes in a variety of formats, such as .png, .svg and .anme for multiple ways to edit and integrate!

What's included?

Alcohol Bottles - Prop - Food and Drink

Five editable alcohol bottles, each representing a different brandname beverage. A bonus shot glass is included so germs aren't spread.

Brownies - Prop - Food and Drink

An editable pan of ordinary brownies. Want extra-ordinary brownies? Download the Marijuana prop and... well, there you go.

Burger (Half Eaten) - Prop - Food and Drink

A half eaten burger for your munching pleasure. Edit and animate anyway you see fit!

Burrito - Prop - Food and Drink

A tasty, editable burrito. Suitable for any animated hero's tummy.

Sandwich - Prop - Food and Drink

A typical sandwich for a typical hero's typical adventure. It's pretty typical.

Premium Animation Lessons and Files

Lessons and assets for Moho/Anime Studio Pro, Character Animator, After Effects, Animate and Procreate