Free Animation Assets by Chad Troftgruben

Free Animation Assets

A bundle containing all free asset available on Toon Files. Any new files will be added to this bundle for easy access.

What's included?

2x4s - Prop - Household

A pair of 2x4 wood pieces. Suitable for background art or presentations!

Brownies - Prop - Food and Drink

An editable pan of ordinary brownies. Want extra-ordinary brownies? Download the Marijuana prop and... well, there you go.

Burger (Half Eaten) - Prop - Food and Drink

A half eaten burger for your munching pleasure. Edit and animate anyway you see fit!

Camroy - Prop - Vehicles

An editable vehicle that takes influence from a Toyota Camry,

Cash Stack - Prop - Business

A stack of USD bills. Fully customizable!

City Limits - Background

At the limits of the city... things are pushed to... the edge? A simple exterior set with bushes, road and background buildings.

Cockroach - Prop - Animal

Ew! What's that?! Oh man! It's a cockroach! Luckily it's fully customizable and free, otherwise we may have a problem here.

Crutch - Prop - Household

An editable crutch used for support during an injury.

Door Mat - Prop - Household

A welcome mat for guests. Or edit it so the message keeps people away. Your choice!

Electric Maze - Abstract Background

An electric maze of electricity, sure to electrify anyone's animated adventures. The background comes with a PSD file and separated layers for easy editing.

Fruit Phone 3 - Prop - Electronics

An editable replica of an older model iPhone.

Long Barreled Revolver - Prop - Weapons

A cartoonishly long barreled revolved which can be edited and placed in any animated scene you wish!

Mail - Prop - Business

A stack of mail. Simple design, easily customizable!

Moth - Prop - Animal

An animated editable moth that's ready to annoy any character you throw him at.

Paint Bucket and Brush - Prop - Household

An editable bucket of paint with brush and newspaper to cover the floor from mess.

Shovel - Prop - Household

An editable shovel used to dig things... or bash zombies over the head.

Tree - Prop - Plants

A simple tree for scene decoration.

Truck - Prop - Vehicles

An editable truck for your hero's off-roading needs.

US Dollar Bills - Prop - Business

A 1 and 10 dollar (USD) bill for your editing and animating pleasure.

Video Game Motion Camera - Prop - Electronics

A companion motion camera for your Xbox One inspired console and controller!