Announcing Three New Plans!
July 29, 2019
Hey Guys,

I wanted to give you a heads up about some changes that have been made to the membership plans. I have added three new plans you can subscribe to, each running $4.99 a month. These three focus on: Animation Courses, Design Courses, or Moho Courses. None of these plans come with the bonus file pack.

Before I only had one paid plan that offered every course and bonus file. Understandably not everyone wants to learn multiple pieces of software. So this new structure allows you to pick a cheaper plan that's catered more towards a specific task or software. And like before, any new courses released that fall under these categories will be instantly added for you.

One final note: the $9.99 plan used to be called Animator. I renamed it to Studio. That is the only change that has been made. The new Animator plan sits at $4.99 and offers six animation courses currently. I just want to clarify that so there's no confusion.

If you have any questions, please let me know!
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Get access to free animation files and courses!
Includes access to 4 products:
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$9.99 / month • 7 day trial
$79.99 / year (save 33%)
This plan grants you access to all content released on! This includes in-depth courses and over 100 animation files! Your membership grants you instant access to every new course that gets released!
Includes access to 24 products:
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Moho Maniac

$4.99 / month
$49.99 / year (save 17%)
Gain access to all Moho learning content released on Toon Files. Your membership grants you instant access to new Moho courses when they release!
Includes access to 10 products:
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$4.99 / month
$49.99 / year (save 17%)
This plan grants access to all rigging and animation courses. This includes any new animation courses that are released in the future!
Includes access to 11 products:
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$4.99 / month
$49.99 / year (save 17%)
Learn how to design characters and backgrounds with this membership. Your membership grants you instant access to new design courses when they release!
Includes access to 9 products:
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