Newcomer File Starter Pack by Chad Troftgruben

Newcomer File Starter Pack

Over 20 files to get you started with building scenes. These files include abstract backgrounds, cartoon scenes, props and textures. Newcomer members get free access to the listed assets, plus any future files released to the pack!

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Props, Scenes and More!

Weapons, animals, scenes, all of which can be edited or added straight to any production. Files come in .moho, .svg and .psd formats for easy editing.

Abstract Backgrounds

Hippie Warp

A chill breeze of colors. Or perhaps a temporal anomaly?

Yellow Blast

A yellow blast of energy.

A Man's Sky

Inspired by the sandbox video game space adventure.

Cartoon Scenes

City Limits

At the limits of the city... strange things can happen. 


A dank and smelly basement where various adventures can occur.

Space Ship - Bridge

A star ship bridge for your futuristic animated series. Boldly go places!

Cartoon Props

Cash Stack

A stack of cash to make your cartoon hero a multi-millionaire. Or you can pretend its five bucks. I won't judge.


Ew! A roach! They say these buggers are becoming immune to everything. I'm not sure what that has to do with this file but I figured I'd mention it.

Prescription Bottle

A blank prescription bottle for your animated or design production. Add a name and a description or keep it blank. Good for background prop work.

Fruit Phone 3

Two vector based designs showcasing two different angles of an iPhone inspired device. This one is an older model, the third in the series.


An annoying moth to add atmosphere to your scene. Comes with animatable wings and preset animation.

Eaten Burger

You know this burger is good because someone already took a bite out of it. But wait! Why didn't they finish it? Some mysteries will never be solved.


A simple pair of vector based glasses which you can add to a front view of a character. Or perhaps as clip art for a PowerPoint.

Tree 1

A typical tree you would find in a small neighborhood or park. Great for background assets or clip art for PowerPoints.


A single key used for any task you wish. The file is a editable as an vector and useful for animated and design productions.

The Cruizer

A back angle of a vehicle that looks like a PT Cruiser. Use the vector layers to add colors and details as you see fit.


A cartoony shotgun used to blast holes in zombies and other baddies. The vector design makes it easy to edit to your specifications.

Cartoon Textures

Yellow Flare

A yellow flare effect you can composite into a scene.


A lava texture to add to your dungeon or hellscape.

Smoke - Gray

A static smoke texture useful for compositing and animation.

Wall - Brick 2

A brick wall texture for your scene building needs.

What's included?

File Icon 21 files


Abstract Backgrounds
150 MB
178 MB
A Man's
97.1 MB
Cartoon Scenes
345 KB
718 KB
Space Ship -
38.5 MB
Cartoon Props
139 KB
138 KB
15.7 KB
Fruit Phone
84 KB
2.91 MB
69.4 KB
39.8 KB
105 KB
55 KB
138 KB
107 KB
Cartoon Textures
Flare -
8.49 MB
35.5 MB
Smoke -
26.1 MB
Wall - Brick
74.5 MB