Planning Media Projects with Trello by Chad Troftgruben

Planning Media Projects with Trello

Organize projects and work with team members with an easy to use interface!

1.5 Hours of detailed video lessons

Trello is a free service which can be used to organize and plan projects. With its easy to use drag and drop interface, coupled with team options, Trello is perfect for organizing any task. Plus, it's fun to use! More specifically in this course you will learn:
  • How to set up a Trello account
  • Customize your Trello Profile
  • Create teams, boards, lists and cards
  • Work with other teammates
  • Comments and attach files
  • Set up boards for various tasks
What you’ll learn
  • Set up a free Trello account
  • Change Trello profile settings
  • Create Teams, Boards, Lists and Cards
  • Understand and change various settings for Trello boards
  • Add members and collaborate
  • Create various Trello workflows based on course examples

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • Basic understanding of using a web browser
Who this course is for:
  • Students looking to understand Trello
  • Students looking for a way to organize projects

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos


What You Will Learn in this Course
3 mins
Creating a Trello Account
2 mins
Customizing Your Profile
6 mins
Navigating Trello for the First Time
Interacting with the Top Bar
3 mins
Creating Teams and Boards
6 mins
Creating Lists and Cards
7 mins
Adjusting Team Settings
3 mins
Organizing Team Members
7 mins
Understanding Cards
Adding a Description
3 mins
Commenting and Adding Attachments
6 mins
Working with Labels
4 mins
Organizing with Checklists
4 mins
Assigning Due Dates
2 mins
Changing Cover Images
2 mins
Exploring the Actions Section
5 mins
More Features with Trello
Navigating the Right Menu
10 mins
Expanding Capabilities with Power-Ups
3 mins
Accessing Trello on Mobile Devices
5 mins
Trello Project Planning Examples
Organizing a Media Archive
5 mins
Tracking Progress with a Simple Project
4 mins
Tracking Progress on an Animated Series
8 mins
Wrapping Up
Final Thoughts
2 mins