Rigging and Animating PSDs in Moho Pro by Chad Troftgruben

Rigging and Animating PSDs in Moho Pro

Rig and animate Photoshop Documents using Moho's robust bone and mesh tools!

Rig and Animate with Images

With Moho, you can import images or Photoshop Documents, add bones and create detailed rigs for 2D animation.

Create Head Turns with a Smart Warp Mesh

We will take advantage of the Smart Warp mesh tool (only available in version 12 or higher) to add head turns and other dynamic movements.

Add Target Bones for More Realism

Target bones can be added to feet or any layer you need to create a sticking effect. This course shows how to build a character using these anchors.

Test Your Rig With An Animated Jump

Once we set the rig up and get everything polished, a test will be created by animating out a jump action, giving you a brief crash course in animation.

What's included?

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Downloadable Source Files
90.1 MB
What You Will Learn in this Course
3 mins
Preparing Your Character for Rigging
Designing Your Character
3 mins
Reducing File Size with Photoshop Script
18 mins
Reducing File Size Through Layer Exporting
2 mins
Importing Character PSD into Moho
6 mins
Rigging Your Character
Adding Main Bones
4 mins
Binding Image Layers with Smooth Joint
5 mins
Correcting with Constraints
6 mins
Anchoring with Target Bones
6 mins
Adding Dynamic Hair Movement
Assigning Head Pieces to Layer
5 mins
Creating Bones for Hair
8 mins
Creating Smart Warp Mesh for Hair Strands
10 mins
Creating Smart Warp Mesh for Back Hair
6 mins
Applying Hair Meshes to Side View
10 mins
Applying Meshes to Front View
11 mins
Adding Face Controls
Creating an Optional Eye Switch
7 mins
Re-drawing and Masking the Eyes
17 mins
Adding Controller for Pupils
5 mins
Controlling Eyebrows with a Dial
6 mins
Creating Blink Dial
11 mins
Creating Subtle Head Turns
Creating a Mesh for Subtle Head Tilts
10 mins
Linking Layers Appropriately
6 mins
Adding Smart Dials for the Head Tilts
24 mins
Wrapping Up
Adding Controls to Other Head Phases
2 mins
Polishing the Character
12 mins
Creating the Main Poses for Animation
8 mins
Finishing Animation with Lip Syncing
16 mins
Exporting Your Animation
5 mins
Final Thoughts
2 mins