Rigging and Animating Vectors in Moho Pro by Chad Troftgruben

Rigging and Animating Vectors in Moho Pro

Animate a vector based character using Moho's bone and animation tools

5.5 hours of content covering rigging, correcting and animating

With Moho Pro, you can animate vector based characters in a variety of ways. This course aims to teach the basics of rigging vector characters using a combination of layer and point binding. Along the way you will also learn how to:
  • Properly create a bone structure capable of complex actions like clothing and hair movements
  • Animate using bones and layer tools
  • Correct animations with Smart Bones
  • Create an interpolated mouth that animates between poses
  • Assign Smart Bones as dials for basic functions like blinking eyes
  • Animate head turns with help from a Smart Warp Mesh
  • Use target bones for anchoring in parts of the rig
  • Other techniques to help with polishing and refining animations
What you’ll learn
  • Properly rig a vector based character with bones
  • Correct vector movements with Smart Bones
  • Create face controls for blinking, eye movements and emotions
  • Create an interpolated mouth for smooth lip syncing
  • Implement Smart Mesh for head turns
  • Animate and lip sync a rig in Moho
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • A copy of Moho Pro 12 or later
  • Basic understanding of Moho tools, timeline and layers
Who this course is for:
  • New animators looking for a rigging and animation solution using vectors
  • New Moho owners looking for a crash course in the software's strengths
  • Animators looking to broaden their toolset

What's included?

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Downloadable Source Files
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What You Will Learn in this Course
5 mins
Prepare Your Character for Rigging
Overview of Character Design
4 mins
Separating Hair Strands from Main Hair Layer
11 mins
Drawing the Bones
11 mins
Labeling the Bones
6 mins
Binding Bones to Character
Layer Binding to Bones
7 mins
Connecting Arms with Point Binding
8 mins
Connecting Legs with Point Binding
6 mins
Connecting the Coat with Point Binding
7 mins
Binding the Shirt
6 mins
Binding the Hair
8 mins
Correcting Body Movements
Anchoring with Target Bones
9 mins
Constraining Bone Rotations
8 mins
Correcting First Front Arm Bend with Smart Bone Actions
10 mins
Correcting Second Front Arm Bend with Smart Bone Actions
10 mins
Correcting Back Arm Bends with Smart Actions
9 mins
Correcting Legs with Smart Bone Actions
10 mins
Adjusting for Bottom Torso Bends with Smart Bone Actions
16 mins
Adjusting for Top Torso Bends with Smart Bone Actions
13 mins
Finishing Corrections on Torso Bends
11 mins
Correcting Leg Pop in on Pelvis
6 mins
Adding Face Controls
Adding Smart Pin Bone for Pupils
5 mins
Controlling Eyebrows with a Smart Bone
9 mins
Creating Blink Smart Bone
11 mins
Building an Interpolated Mouth
14 mins
Creating Head Movements
Triangulating a Mesh and Linking Layers
11 mins
Creating Left Head Turn with Smart Dial
10 mins
Creating Right Head Turn with Smart Dial
7 mins
Adding Upward Head Tilts
6 mins
Adding Downward Head Tilts
7 mins
Polishing Mesh Actions
11 mins
Animating Mouth and Hair Strands for Head Tilts
11 mins
Animating Ponytail for Head Tilts
4 mins
Polishing the Rig
Correcting Bone Connection Issues
7 mins
Cleaning Up Misplaced Bone Keyframes
5 mins
Adding in Bone Dynamics and IK Stretching
12 mins
Creating Switches for Hands
5 mins
Creating a Test Animation
Laying Out Canvas and Character Starting Position
7 mins
Laying Out First Phase of Jump Animation
7 mins
Lip Syncing Dialogue
7 mins
Animating Body to Dialogue
11 mins
Implementing Blinks, Eyebrow Movements and Head Tilts
16 mins
Wrapping Up
Exporting Your Animation
3 mins
Final Thoughts
2 mins

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